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Different Fishing Vessels

Fishing vessels are boats or ships which are used to catch fish in the sea, lake or river. There are many different kinds of vessels for fishing, which are used for commercial, traditional or recreational fishing. Read on to know more about these fishing vessels.

The early fishing vessels consisted of rafts, dugout canoes, and boats, which were often made from a frame covered with hide or tree bark. The oldest boats and vessels for fishing date back to the Neolithic Period around 7,000-9,000 years ago. These early fishing vessels had narrow capability and were not suitable for fishing at great distance from the shoreline. The development of fishing boats took place in corresponding to the development of boats built for trade and war.

According to the recent survey, there are more than five million commercial fishing vessels operating today. These fishing boats are becoming more and more specialized with new standards of focusing on compact boats with high catching power. With the introduction of new regulations governing the construction and operation of commercial fishing vessels, the commercial fishing is a high risk industry today. These regulations include new standards for ship design, construction, equipment, operation and manning, which are aimed at the prevention of accidents.

The traditional fishing vessels are used by coastal or island ethnic groups following traditional and customary fishing techniques. According to the survey, around 2 million boats were traditional, which were crafted of various types, operated by sail and oars. These traditional fishing boats are usually small and are specifically designed for use on their local inland waters or coasts. These traditional vessels for fishing are often open, with or without sails, but they do not usually possess any mechanized or electronic gear.

It is difficult to guess the number of recreational fishing vessels. They are often not dedicated just to fishing and range in size from small dingies to large charter cruisers. As recreational fishing is done for pleasure or sport, these recreational fishing boats come in a range from dugout canoes, rafts, kayaks, pontoon boats and small dingies to runabouts. You will also come across cabin cruisers, cruising yachts and large, hi-tech luxurious big game rigs as recreational fishing vessels. Fishing tackle such as hooks, lines, sinkers or nets is brought onboard.

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