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Cultural Influence Of Fishing

The cultural influence of fishing is only too evident. Whether it is our society or religion or even the language we speak, the influence of fishing on society is seen in almost every aspect. Let us study the fishing influence on civilization in this article.

The community impact of bay fishing is all the more apparent especially in communities like fishing villages. Here, fisheries present not only a source of food and work but they also play an important role in the community and cultural identity. For people, who work in fisheries, catching fish has become apart of their identity.

Another influence of fishing on society can be seen in the semantics. One will find many examples of fishing terms often carrying a negative suggestion. For example, the expression "fishing expedition" depicts a situation where a questioner pretends he knows more than he actually does. Actually, he wants to fool his target into revealing more information than he wishes to disclose. Other examples of cultural influence of fishing on terms that carry a negative proposition are: "fishing for compliments", "to be fooled hook, line and sinker" and "taking the bait", etc; Fishing for compliments means someone seeking good feedback while to be fooled hook, line and sinker means to get fooled completely by some one. The idiom taking the bait means to agree to something that was offered to get you to do something. The internet scam of “Phishing” relates to where a third party will reproduce a website where the user would put sensitive information like bank codes etc;

All major religions too have not been left intact by cultural influence of fishing. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and the various new age religions show some or the other fishing influence on civilization. For instance, according to the Roman Catholic faith the first Pope was a fisherman. Apostle Peter and a number of the miracles reported in the Bible involve fishing. The Pope's traditional vestments also include a fish-shaped hat which according to some is a representation of the Philistine god Dagon.

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