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Traditional Fishing Methods

Traditional fishing practice relates to small scale commercial or subsistence fishing practices. The traditional fishing methods are employed by local population in coastal or island ethnic groups. Gleaning, net fishing, line fishing, use of arrows , harpoons and barriers, set and mobile traps, night fishing, fish poisoning, spear fishing are the common traditional methods of fishing. It does not generally cover the idea of fishing for sport.

Traditional fishing is often less rigorous and less stressful on fish populations when compared to modern industrial fishing techniques. Due to the lack of insufficient investment in refrigeration and processing facilities, the export process faces difficulties. Nevertheless, the main purpose of traditional fishing practice is domestic consumption, as it is looked upon as important source of inexpensive but accessible protein in poor coastal areas. This traditional bay fishing activity can be described as the major occupation of both men and women.

Boats used for traditional fishing are usually small fishing boats, which are designed according to their use on local inland waters or coasts. Depending upon the specific fisheries and sea conditions in their area, many localities around the world have developed their own traditional fishing boats. These boats are open and may or may not have sails. They do not generally use much or any mechanized and electronic gear.

One can come across large number of traditional fishing boats particularly in developing countries with long productive marine coastlines. Indonesia and Philippines are two countries which have reported about 700,000 boats for traditional methods of fishing. Tropical rock lobster, dugong, turtle, fish, shells, crabs and octopus are fished for in the traditional fishing practice.

The traditional fishing practice is being promoted today with a view to protect the ecosystem and prevent the extinction of certain fish species. Once universally accepted by the international community, the traditional fishing rights have undergone gradual marginalization, with transformations and trends affecting the development of fishing industries around the world.

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