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Fish Products

Today, fish and fish products are used and consumed as food all over the world. These products of fishing are not only the world's major source of high-quality protein; also have other uses as fertilizers, and medicinal value. Over a billion people today depend on fish as their primary source of animal protein. Read on to get detailed information about fishing products.

If we look back in the ancient times, a type of fish sauce condiment - garum was known to be very popular. The Sharkskin and rayskin covered with tiny teeth were used as sandpaper. As fish products, these skins were also used to make leather But the primarily value of these products of fishing was food. Man, since the very early time has been known to use edible species of fish as food.

Let us take a look at the processed fish products of today.

• Surimi: A Japanese food product is normally made from white-fleshed fish that has been pounded to a paste and attains a rubbery texture when cooked.

• Fish glue: Another of the processed fish products, fish glue is made by boiling the skin, bones and swim bladders of fish.

• Fish oil: It is highly recommended for a healthy diet as it contains the omega-3 fatty acids, known to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

• Fish emulsion: Another well known processed fishing product, it is made from the fluid remains of fish processed for fish oil and fish meal industrially and is used as a fertilizer emulsion.

• Fish hydrolysate: After removing the usable portions for human consumption, the remaining fish body are put into water and ground up.

• Fish meal: These processed fish products is in the form of brown powder or cake made by rendering pressing the whole fish or fish trimmings to remove the fish oil. It is used to enhance high-protein in aquaculture feed.

• Fish sauce: These fish products are derived from fish that have been allowed to ferment and form an important ingredient in many curries and sauces.

• Isinglass: This is obtained from the swim bladders of fish and is used for the clarification of wine and beer.

Some of the other processed fish products are pearls, mother-of-pearl, and abalone, which are valued for their lustre. Sea horse, star fish, sea urchin and sea cucumber are used in conventional Chinese medicine. The inky secretions of cuttlefish are used to make Sepia pigment. Kelp, chief source of iodine, is used as fertilizer, and kelp ash can also be used in soap and glass production.

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