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History Of Fishing

If we study the history of fishing, it is evident that fishing is an ancient practice. Dating back to the Paleolithic period, originating about 40,000 years ago, it has been shown that modern human from eastern Asia regularly consumed freshwater fish. Read on to know more about the fishing history.

Archaeologists have discovered discarded fish bones and shells. Looking back in the history of fishing, there are cave paintings which give ample proof of showing that sea foods were very important for the survival of man then. During these ancient times, man lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. He was constantly on the move looking for shelter and food. Most of the permanent settlements in these olden times have revealed fishing as a major source of food.

In Egypt, as the fishing history reflects, the people were known for fishing and splitting them for salting. The ancient river of Nile was packed of fish. Both fresh and dried fish were used as a staple food for most of the population. Drawings and papyrus documents show that the Egyptians had specific tools and methods for fishing. In India, the history of fishing can be dated back to Pandyas, known for the pearl fishery as early as the 1st century BC. Tuticorin, the famous seaport was famous for deep sea pearl fishing. The community became rich because of the pearl trade and fisheries. Navigation knowledge at these times is seen to be well developed.

The fishing history in ancient Greek culture reflects a low social status of fishing. Then there is pictorial evidence of fishing in Rome, in the mosaics. The Moche people of ancient Peru also depict fisherman in their ceramics, according to the history of fishing. One of the world’s longest trading of fish is from the Lofoten area of Norway to the southern parts of Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal. According to the history of fishing, the trade in cod began during the Viking period or before.

Looking into the history of bay fishing, the Gloucester Harbor situated on Cape Ann at Massachusetts Bay in Boston has been a maritime and bay fishing center since 1623. Several other bays since then have become well know for bay fishing attracting large number of tourist and vacationers from all around the world.

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