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Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing or Sports fishing is fishing purely for leisure or competition. Fishing for recreation, fast gained popularity during the 16th and 17th centuries. Although at which point in history when fishing could have first originated as recreational is not clear. Read on to know more about recreational fishing.

The most common form of recreational fishing is carried out through with the help of a rod, reel, line, hooks and any one of a wide range of baits. A few of the targeted fish may present the need of some other devices like the terminal tackle - weights, floats, and swivels. Some hobbyists are also known to make handmade tackle themselves, which may include plastic lures and artificial flies. Big-game fishing for recreation is often carried out from boats. This includes catching large open-water species such as tuna, sharks and marlin. Some other recreational activities are noodling and trout tickling.

One other form of recreational fishing which is gaining popularity is kayak fishing. Kayak fishermen are seen fishing from sea kayaks in order to level the playing field with fish as well as to further test their skills in fishing. Kayaks, being stealthy, allow fishermen to reach areas which are otherwise not fishable from land or by conventional boat.

Recreational fishing methods may vary according to the area fished and the targeted species. A lot also depends on the resources available and the personal strategies of the angler. It may cover the aristocratic art of fly fishing to the high-tech methods employed for chasing marlin and tuna. The most common salt water fish for recreational fishing are marlin, tuna, tarpon, sailfish, shark, and mackerel. Recreational fishing techniques may include hand gathering, spear fishing, netting, angling and trapping. Although women also participate in the sport fishing, it is known to be dominated by men.

There are several conventions, rules, licensing restrictions and laws for the recreational fishing. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) formulates and oversees a set of guidelines that limit the way in which fish may be caught. A recent innovation is the recreational fishing competitions where fishermen compete for prizes based on the overall weight of a given species of fish caught within a preset time.

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