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Fishing Farms

Fishing farms is the main form of aquaculture and comprises of raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosed spaces, typically for food. The rising demands on wild fisheries due to commercial fishing have resulted in widespread over fishing. Fish farms are an option to the growing market demand for fish and fish protein. Read on to know more about these farms for fishing.

There are basically two kinds of fishing farms: extensive and intensive. The extensive aquaculture depends upon the local photosynthetic production, while the intensive aquaculture comprises of feeding the fish with external food supply. The management of these two kinds of fish farms is completely different.

Along with the intensive and extensive aquaculture methods, there are a number of specific types of fishing farms, with each having its own benefits and applications. For example, one of the major problems with freshwater farms for fishing is that it can utilize a million gallons of water per acre each year. Therefore an extended water purification system is a necessity here which allow for the reuse of local water. Irrigation ditch fish farming uses ditches to raise fish. The basic prerequisite here is to have a ditch or pond that can preserve water. These ditches are usually lined with bentonite clay. The fish in these fish farms feed upon commercial fish food, and their waste products are utilized for fertilizing the fields.

Another type of fishing farms also gaining popularity are the fish cages, which are placed in lakes, bayous, ponds, rivers or oceans, which can be made from a wide variety of components. Fish are stocked in these fish farms, protected and fed until they can be harvested. An alternative to outdoor open farms for fishing are the indoor fishing farms, also known recirculation aquaculture system or RAS. A RAS is a string of culture tanks and filters with continuously recycled, which is monitored to keep most favorable conditions through out the year. But because of its high operating costs, RAS has generally been limited to practicing broodstock maturation, larval rearing, fingerling production, research animal production.

Opening a fish farming business necessitates a lot of skills and knowledge. It needs a thorough study of both the actual technique in fish production as well as the expenses involved. However, the fish farming business can prove to be a very lucrative enterprise.

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